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About us


Our History

Arte Nuova Forma was founded in 1979 in Tezze sul Brenta, a little town near Venice, Italy. It all started from the passion for home decor of its founder: Flavio Pellanda. 

Our workshop has always been specialized in the production of home decor items and furniture with the highest level of craftsmanship. Each of our products is designed with the aim of creating unique pieces, objects that convey feelings of joy and kindness. We work hard to create products that can last forever and that are not subject to the short-lived fashion trends.  


Artisans since 1979

Artisans. This is the word that better describes our background and philosophy.  

F. PellandaArtisan Hand painted

The journey is long but exciting. The ability to choose the proper materials and the wide range of expertise needed during the different production stages are crucial. The success of each of our products depends on the ideas, inspiration and the skillful hands of our artisans.

All our products are hand-painted and lacquered according to the most faithful artisans' traditions.

What we offer

Direct Contact

You can directly get in touch with us. Should you have a specific request, please contact us and we'll find the perfect solution together with our artisans.

No Intermediaries

Few words to describe this advantage. You will get a product with the highest standards of craftsmanship and materials directly from our factory in Italy.

Tailor Made Solutions

It is not always easy to find the perfect object for your home. Limited space or colour not matching with your home style are just a few reasons. We have been doing this job for over 30 years and we can help you to find the perfect item for your home. Otherwise, we can build it exclusively for you.